ACID Members Application

Your subscription to ACID membership gives us the opportunity to help you protect your products and designs. Membership of ACID is global and we welcome applications from individuals and companies in any industry sector involved in the creation of original design. Check our joining criteria here

Your Membership subscription is an annual fee and you will have full access to all Membership benefits as long as this remains current. Below you will see various payment methods, including monthly recurring payments to help spread the cost. Please note that there is a different payment system for ACID Marketplace exhibition space as this is an optional membership benefit and requires an additional cost.

Your Details (Initial/Primary Contact)

These details are used to set up your personal login for the new member account. You can add further logins to your account later. Please ensure that you complete all mandatory fields. Missed fields will show as red.

On payment being received, we will generate your log in credentials and email them to the email address you provide during payment.

Company Details

These are details about the company. Additional details such as enquiry email addresses and telephone numbers can be added after registration. Use your first name and surname if you are an individual.

Annual Turnover

Important: Your turnover will directly affect the price you pay for your membership. Please make sure that you select the correct turnover to save delays during your registration. When you renew your membership, please ensure that you have selected the correct turnover if this has changed and tick the declaration below.

joining fee
VAT total first
year cost
Category 1 - Annual Turnover up to 50K £35.00 £145.00 £36.00 £216.00
Category 2 - Annual Turnover between 50K and 100K £65.00 £250.00 £63.00 £378.00
Category 3 - Annual Turnover between 100K and 250K £65.00 £335.00 £80.00 £480.00
Category 4 - Annual Turnover between 250K and 500K £125.00 £410.00 £107.00 £642.00
Category 5 - Annual Turnover between 500K and 2.5M £125.00 £560.00 £137.00 £822.00
Category 6 - Annual Turnover between 2.5M and 5M £125.00 £840.00 £193.00 £1,158.00
Category 7 - Annual Turnover between 5M and 10M £125.00 £1,055.00 £236.00 £1,416.00
Category 8 - Annual Turnover Over 10M £125.00 £1,665.00 £358.00 £2,148.00

Payment Type

Payment can be made by credit or debit card (both over the telephone and online) or by cheque or bank transfer. All online card payments are taken via PayPal platform.  If you have a Paypal account you can also use this for payment.

If you choose to pay via Cheque, Bank transfer, or by card payment over the telephone, you will be shown information on the next page on how to continue.

We also offer to spread your membership cost over the subscription period by Direct Debit for UK bank account holders. When you choose this option you will be directed to a page where you can download the Mandate which needs to be sent to us when completed.

An initial payment by card or BACS will be required for the first Direct Debit instalment, which will also include the joining fee (first year only) and an annual administration fee before your membership becomes live. Please be aware that the £10 plus VAT annual administration fee for Direct Debit payers will be taken with your first payment every year.  As a not for profit organisation this fee helps us to cover the additional costs associated with this payment method.

All membership subscriptions commence from the 1st of the month in which you registered, therefore completing your membership registration now will result in your subscription running from Sunday, 1st May for 12 months.


Before your membership can be initiated you are requested to tick the box to declare that you do not have an unresolved dispute with any ACID Member and that you have read our Joining Criteria, Terms and Conditions and agreed to the ACID Code of Conduct.

By ticking the box you are confirming that (i) you do not have an unresolved dispute with an ACID member and (ii) you are not aware of any circumstances which might lead to a dispute with any ACID member.

If you have had a previous dispute/s with an ACID Member or if you are aware of circumstances which might lead to such a dispute, you should declare this with the necessary details and send to us by email to and your application will be referred to the ACID Advisory Council for further consideration.

I have read and understood this declaration and agree to comply with the ACID Code of Conduct. I confirm I have read and understood ACID’s Terms and Conditions and Joining Criteria. I confirm that my declared annual turnover is correct. I accept that ACID may need to contact me in relation to my account and that prices may fluctuate at the time of my membership renewal.

Almost There

To complete your application, we need to confirm that you are a real person and not a computer robot. To do this, please answer the following question:

* if a PayPal option has been selected, you will be taken to PayPal when clicking this button.